The objectives of CELOTE are to:

  1. Produce qualified manpower for the industry (public and private sector) through long term educational programmes.
  2. Organise medium term Certificate of Competence (CPC) Training Programme
  3. Keep professionals and practitioners up to date with knowledge and skill needed for industry efficiency through well packaged training programmes.
  4. Make individuals to acquire specific skills through Certificate of Professional Competence Programme (CPC).
  5. Expose industry personnel to best global practices in many critical areas of the industry through local and international exchange programmes and technical guided tours.
  6. Apply global best practices of consultation to support organizations to maintain competitive edge.
  7. Provide a knowledge centre where students and industry practitioners can carry out research to update their knowledge and skills, using hardware and visual facilities.
  8. Collaborate with local and international professional bodies and approved government institutions to offer certification programmes
  9. Organise merit and industry excellence awards.